1. A raccoon wizard… who is also in space.

    Still getting the hang of the using of this tablet thingmabob.

    independentink natesketch

  2. Been trying to figure out this tablet thing.

    I made this kangaroo. Woop woop!


  3. Trying out a drawing tablet that I got for my birthday

    …Tablets are hard

  4. Space buggy!

  5. 'Listen, you miserable heap of maladjusted metal…'

    Sketch of Marvin from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    May add more to this sometime.

  7. Drew these weird looking dudes.

    Once I’d finished drawing them, I thought they looked oddly familiar, so sorry if I copied them off anyone…

  8. I drew my Dr Marten boot :)
    The perspective is probably a bit off but, oh well.
    Dr Martens are awesome.

  9. Well done emmablackery ! You look awesome bald <3

  10. A drawing of David Byrne smoking because why not.

    Seems like a lifetime since i posted anything‚Ķ I guess I’ve just been letting the days go by ;)