1. Drew these weird looking dudes.

    Once I’d finished drawing them, I thought they looked oddly familiar, so sorry if I copied them off anyone…

  2. I drew my Dr Marten boot :)
    The perspective is probably a bit off but, oh well.
    Dr Martens are awesome.

  3. Well done emmablackery ! You look awesome bald <3

  4. A drawing of David Byrne smoking because why not.

    Seems like a lifetime since i posted anything… I guess I’ve just been letting the days go by ;)

  5. A frightened ghost   :O

    independentink & natesketch

  6. A person who is dressed as a different person :D

    For independentinknatesketch ‘s challenge


  7. betweentimeand42 Yay thank you!!! :D  I love your blog BTW, You have epic taste in music :)

  8. Ed Sheeran :)

  9. Cute lil frog :)

  10. "The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter."